Klarna acquires social shopping outfit Hero

Klarna acquires social shopping outfit Hero

Klarna has acquired 'social shopping' startup Hero, bringing instore retailer expertise to the online shopping experience.

2022 was the year of nostalgia. Which trend were you rocking?

We love a trend. Dive into our annual trend report here: https://www.thecheckout.klarna.com/

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Klarna – Smoooth Shopping.
Elevate your shopping game with the Klarna app. Get access to exclusive deals and drops from our network of retailers. Found something you love? Shop now and pay later at any online store.
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Klarna users are defaulting on their loans��Will this company Survive? #podcast #news #klarna #apple

Klarna Review (2023) – Goods and Bads of Klarna

Klarna is a great buy now, pay later app, and like other apps, it has pros and cons.

The video takes a ride and covers the Klarna review. The Klarna app is good, but it must be used carefully because ordering expensive products will make it difficult to repay.

0:00 Intro
0:14 Klarna Pros
1:30 Klarna Cons
3:30 End Screen

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