HP and NVIDIA release ‘unique’ fintech sitcom

HP and NVIDIA release ‘unique’ fintech sitcom

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and NVIDIA, have released the first episode of their unique fintech comedy mini-series, Get Ahead.

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Jensen Huang-The First Six Months of NVIDIA

Jensen Huang, Co-founder of NVIDIA, recalls in vivid detail how the three founding members of the company gave the company legs – from learning the basics of incorporation, to hiring their first lawyer, to keeping a supply of
breakfast donuts

HPE & NVIDIA – Modernize your business with edge to cloud AI

Together, NVIDIA and HPE deliver innovative AI technologies, software and systems to help you succeed in your journey to data-first modernization.
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NVIDIA Launches Biggest GPU Yet: Hopper H100 & DGX H100 Systems

NVIDIA’s GTC 2022 event announced the company’s H100 (Hopper) GPU and gave updates on its new CPU, Grace, for high-end applications. This precedes the expected Ada GPU launch.
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We were able to get clarification on the bits/bytes conflict between the NVIDIA presentation statement and the slide presented: They meant to say Terabytes, not Terabits.

NVIDIA just announced its new high-end scientific computer and datacenter parts for GTC 2022. The GTC (GPU Technology Conference) event tends to bear more news for professional and enterprise use than for consumer, although there has been consumer news in the past. The current rumors indicate an RTX 40-series launch (likely an RTX 4080) towards the end of the year, but for today, we’re talking about the new Hopper GPUs. NVIDIA’s current GPU architecture for consumer (and datacenter) is Ampere (RTX 30-series), its new datacenter and scientific architecture is Hopper (e.g. H100), and the expected future RTX 40 architecture will be Ada or Lovelace — currently not formally known.

Hopper, then, diverges in naming and architectural layout in at least some ways from the future consumer part. We’ll also talk about the Grace CPUs coming up, also from NVIDIA, in combination with work from Arm. As a reminder, NVIDIA was attempting to purchase Arm until recently.

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00:00 – New NVIDIA GPU & CPU
01:35 – NVIDIA Hopper GPUs & Specs
07:17 – Combining H100 GPUs & Super Computers
11:00 – Merging GPUs, CPUs, and NICs
12:39 – AI & Deep Learning Talk

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